Synergi Gas - Multiphase

Take control of your multiphase modelling


Built with gas gathering systems in mind, Multiphase is a separately licensed Synergi Gas module for steady-state hydraulic simulations of multiphasic systems. This includes simultaneous calculations for natural gas, hydrocarbon liquids and water.

What you get

  • Multiphase software helps you understand what’s happening inside the pipes so you can design, plan, and operate more effectively and efficiently
  • Simulates multiphase flow, common in wet gas gathering systems such as shale plays and other unconventional gas formations where temperature and pressure changes can cause gas components to drop out
  • Calculates which of the nine multi-phase flow regimes your system is actively flowing and the composition of the three phases
  • Uses DNV’s GasVLe for flash calculations and Kongsberg’s LedaFlow® to compute pressure losses in pipes as a function of phase flow rates
  • Estimates time required for the pipeline to reach steady-state with two types of “time-to-steady-state” calculations – for a network or a section
  • Simulation results are quickly and easily understood and shared

How you can use the Multiphase software module

  • Perform steady-state simulations of natural gas, hydrocarbon liquids, and water simultaneously
  • Compute final flow regimes for liquid holdup
  • Determine pipe frictional losses due to both gas and liquids
  • Calculate the effects of liquid and gas removal and injection
  • Determine phase changes via flash calculations

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