Developing an actionable ESG plan starts with a durable and sustainable business strategy. It’s about how you improve your operational, asset and supply chain performance, and how you report this in a transparent way to inspire trust in your company. By setting the right ESG goals and reporting on progress, your company can demonstrate performance to your customers, investors, banks and important stakeholders. Ultimately, this will help you in reaching your long-term business goals and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

To read more about ESG and how you can improve your ESG performance, see DNV’s insight articles, or take a look at our ESG services to see how we can help bring your ESG to life.

ESG is not just accounting

ESG is about the goals you set to decarbonize. It’s ensuring that your value chain respects human rights. ESG is about having transparent processes so that your customers can trust what they are buying. It’s about bringing your ESG to life.

Explore how we help businesses bring ESG to life

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