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A formal, structured and systematic approach for conducting an offshore QRA analysis

Improving offshore safety

Safeti Offshore software gives you a formal, structured and systematic approach for conducting an offshore quantitative risk analysis (QRA) of diverse offshore facilities.

Offshore QRA software

  • A flexible platform to conduct a QRA of your offshore facility (e.g. fixed, floating, ship shaped etc.)
  • Detailed and accurate modelling of all possible impacts (fire, toxic, explosion, smoke etc.)  
  • Ability to account for the influence of a vast array of offshore safety systems and barriers (e.g. isolation, blowdown, blast and fire walls)
  • Detailed escalation analysis

Offshore QRA studies

The bulk of offshore QRA studies use spreadsheet based tools. Although spreadsheets are readily deployed, they often suffer from poor quality, traceability, and a lack of standardization. They also fail to take account of the specifics that apply offshore and have limited visualization capabilities. Safeti Offshore overcomes all of these issues and provides you with a standardized, intuitive and extensive next generation QRA software tool.

Safeti Offshore's risk analysis capabilities incorporate state-of-the-art dispersion, fire and explosion models, providing a direct and cost-efficient way to assess the risks associated with offshore installations without the need to resort to expensive CFD (computational fluid dynamics) based analysis. At the same time, it allows users to incorporate CFD results if required.

With Safeti Offshore you can

  • Determine design accident loads
  • Understand escalation predictions
  • Understand impairment frequencies
  • Optimize escape and evacuation means
  • Visualize hazard event size
  • Clearly view sources and receptors of risk 
  • Understand the contribution to risk from flammable, explosion, toxic, smoke and evacuation hazards
  • Model sub-sea releases
  • Increase the efficiency of work flow with automatic rule-based release case generation
  • Include CFD results via conversion to a continuous response surface 
  • Model time-varying releases due to ESD actuation and blowdown/depressurization

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