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Software for utilities to proactively assess the health and risk of critical electric grid assets and perform transformer preventive maintenance using an asset health index

Electric grid software for asset health monitoring and preventive maintenance

Utilities today are facing new challenges: their critical assets are often in an aging infrastructure spread across large territories, vast amounts of data must be collected and compiled, they see rising expenses for data management, an aging workforce and increased regulatory requirements. In this context, utilities are focusing on reducing operating budgets while ensuring a safe, sustainable and reliable grid. This depends on finding the optimal replacement or maintenance moment of all assets in the grid.

Cascade Foresight is a purpose-built modelling and analytical software application designed to assess the health and risk of electric grid assets. The asset health indexing solution employs the expertise of DNV engineers and refined statistical analysis to reliably predict the remaining of life of transformers, switchgear, power cables, overhead lines and virtually any other asset type in the electric grid.

Cascade Foresight software enables support for transparent and unbiased decision-making. The software is web-based and cloud-supported, with dashboards showing results in a single glance, including levels of uncertainty and failure impact. With Cascade Foresight, asset managers have time to proactively replace or maintain solutions according to asset performance management best practices for utilities. Cascade Foresight is packaged with an industry leading inventory of assessment functions designed to evaluate an extensive population of failure modes per asset type.

Transformer preventive maintenance with Cascade Foresight

Transformer preventive maintenance can increase the efficiency of maintenance and repair and reduce the risk of outages.  Informed decisions are based on inputs such as failure data, inspection data, maintenance data and financial constraints, technical factors such as the age of the transformers, the increase in grid load and the increase in intermittent and reverse power flows. From a business perspective, drivers include demanding KPIs and budget restrictions.

Asset health index software for electric utilities

An asset health index (AHI) is an asset score that outlines the asset condition and likely asset performance. Cascade Foresight’s asset health and risk model can provide unbiased and transparent decision support to utility asset managers. It incorporates decades of knowledge and experience from DNV in the areas of operational performance, electric grid asset reliability, sustainability, transformer preventive maintenance and safety. The asset health indexing software integrates data from a multitude of sources as the basis of predictive analytics, including inspection and diagnostics information that cover condition and degradation.

The asset health index is used to assess time to act and remaining lifetime. Taking an example, Cascade Foresight will use a transformer health index to determine the remaining life of your transformers, assess the assets’ risk to your organization, identify your top priority capital replacement targets and enable optimization of your transformer preventive maintenance strategy.

Time to additional maintenance depends on the various data sources, e.g. from transformers, circuits, other assets and databases:

  • Static asset data (type, age, location of transformers, etc)
  • Design parameters of electric grid assets
  • Maintenance and inspection data (measurement, transformer inspections, etc.)
  • Environmental data
  • Failure data

ISO 55000 compliance

The software application comes with proven assessment functions and provides the ability to build new functions and modify functions to adapt to varying conditions and challenging operating environments. Cascade Foresight is tailored for ISO 55000 compliance. Ensure a safe, sustainable and reliable grid with Cascade Foresight.

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