Grid analytics and substation maintenance - Cascade Insight

Grid analytics, electric utility asset performance management and substation maintenance with actionable intelligence from Cascade

Grid analytics with Cascade Insight

Power utilities spend a significant portion of their operations and maintenance budget on maintaining the health of critical substation assets. DNV has developed a web-based grid analytics application to provide these critical equipment insights to asset maintenance and substation maintenance programs – Cascade Insight.

Substation maintenance planning - data becomes actionable intelligence

The grid analytics software provides visibility of your work and maintenance programs, the health and risk of your asset fleet, and the management of your corporate data repository. A lens into the status of your substation maintenance schedule, your asset maintenance cost and your high-risk equipment allows you to focus your electric utility asset management efforts where and when they are needed, enabling you to drive down costs, meet regulatory compliance demands and reduce costly power outages.

Cascade Insight is a web-based application relying only on a web browser for electric utility enterprise distribution. Now you can extend the intelligence and grid analytics offered by Cascade to an enterprise audience with ease. Extend the value of Cascade software for substation maintenance, improve operations, reduce risk and manage regulatory compliance – harvest your investment in Cascade data with Cascade Insight.

Cascade Insight offers:

  • Grid analytics
  • Statistical reporting on your entire fleet assets
  • Substation maintenance work order status
  • High risk notifications
  • Identification of anomalies in data collection
  • Financial analysis

Answer critical questions, such as:

  • How many high-risk assets are there and where are they located?
  • What is the breakdown of high risk equipment by equipment type (transformers, breakers, relays, switches, etc)?
  • What is the status of maintenance orders? How many are overdue?
  • How many equipment, spares, parts locations are there?
  • Which location in my system has the largest maintenance cost?
  • Where is my largest maintenance cost by equipment category, type, manufacturer and model?
  • What is the total amount of forecasted work by year?

Cascade Insight is a business intelligence and analytical platform

Years of customer experience and knowledge is bundled into Cascade Insight. Your investment in Cascade can now be shared throughout your organization by delivering compelling dashboards without the need for full Cascade access or application updates. 

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