Facility ratings management and NERC compliance software - LOAD

Fully integrated electric facility ratings management software solution

NERC compliance and facility ratings software

LOAD Facility Ratings Management System is the industry’s first fully integrated facility ratings management solution. LOAD offers a single enterprise solution for NERC compliance (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) and all aspects of calculating, approving and reporting element and facility ratings across your entire organization. 

Facility ratings information

  • LOAD is your single source of truth for electric facility ratings information, ensuring a consistent technical process, minimizing data loss and improving accessibility of information between engineering, planning, operations, and NERC FAC 008-3 compliance
  • The first commercially-available software program to consistently rate all equipment on the line
  • Performs thermal rating calculations to accommodate different climate conditions to support a reliable grid and NERC requirements
  • Allows for the use of industry standard (IEEE) algorithms for rating conductors, transformers and other equipment.
  • Flexible reporting options
  • Can be fully integrated with your other IT systems, and provides a platform for data export to PSS®E, CYME, EMS systems, as well as distribution analysis software, such as Synergi Electric
  • On-going support and facilities rating management best practices expertise is available through our experienced implementation and advisory service teams

Key benefits of LOAD software for facility ratings management

  • Helps ensure you have accurate, up-to-date facilities rating information easily available 
  • Reduces time and stress required for compliance reporting for reliability standards, such as NERC FAC 008-3
  • Consistent and technically accurate ratings methodology
  • Helps you determine the specific piece of equipment that most limits throughput along a particular line (most limiting series element)
  • Technically accurate and consistent electric facility ratings methodology to ease NERC compliance
  • Ensures all stakeholders have easy access to the most recent approved or historical ratings
  • Supports improvement of accuracy, consistency and efficiency of facility ratings management 
  • Frees up key technical staff and subject matter experts (SMEs ) to focus on system reliability, planning, and operations
  • Automatic tracking of facility ratings and maintenance of audit record for line, facility and element and changes
  • Configurable security settings to ensure necessary access and edit controls across teams
  • Supplied with full user documentation and training

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