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The power of Synergi Electric in an open programming environment


With the Synergi Electric Solver software module you get the power of Synergi Electric in an open programming environment for your custom, fit-for-purpose applications. The Synergi Electric Solver is available with the complete set of applications to perform load flow, fault, contingency, reliability, Arc Flash, time series analysis and power quality as an application development COM “Component Object Model” environment.

What you get

  • Flexible solution that provides power distribution engineers endless options to iterate models and perform custom analysis routines
  • Ability to enhance business processes and improve efficiency by leveraging the core analysis engine directly
  • Improved efficiency of data handling and model building
  • Allows you to adapt and grow your software as your business needs evolve

Essential deliver network performance knowledge

With new, integrated workflows across the energy value chain, organizations are requiring professionals to work more flexibly and collaborate more actively. Utilizing Solvers is a perfect match to your application needs. They provide end-to-end business process matching flexibility to meet the varying simulation requirements of and preferences of planning, design and operations professionals. Solvers facilitate timely creation and communication of essential delivery network performance knowledge to business and technical decision-makers at all business process points, and in all functional areas, enterprise-wide.

Key benefits of Synergi Electric Solver

  • Real-time data import from GIS, CIS and SCADA data stores
  • Routine analysis and reporting commands can be automated and output to common published reporting tools such as MS Excel, Sharepoint or web dashboards
  • Unlocks the true power of engineering analysis by performing the functions you need to improve business performance
  • Sharing of Synergi’s powerful simulation engine throughout your organization

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