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Middlelink - Synergi Electric

Provides integration link to your back office asset database


The Synergi Electric Middlelink module provides the integration link to your back office asset databases and leverages your investment in GIS and other technologies by directly importing connectivity and attributes right into Synergi Electric. Several flexible options to choose from provide clients with the solutions that best fit their operating and IT environment.

What you get

  • Access to DNV’s vast experience with integrating to third party data
  • Flexible software solution configured to fit your business needs, for models of any size
  • Improved data management, the key to a successful simulation model

Key benefits of Synergi Electric Middlelink

  • Supports models ranging from a single database of less than 30 circuits, large centralized databases of thousands of circuits to multiple regional models across geographic areas
  • Integrates to third party data including GIS, load/billing, outage, SCADA and engineering settings
  • Supports our Model Forge SQL based import, .CSV, XML and CIM
  • Combining Middlelink with Electric Solver for automation and batch processing is preferred choice of utilities for maximum implementation value

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