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Allows you to save your models in DXF, HTML or SVG file format


The Publisher software module is an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool that allows you to save your models in DXF, HTML or SVG file format.

What you get

  • Allows you to visualize your Synergi Electric models in AutoCAD
  • Lets you selectively publish the model results of your studies
  • Customization of DXF models
  • Annotation of analysis results

Key benefits of the Publisher software module

The Publisher software module offers you the convenience of working in AutoCADĀ® with models straight from Synergi Electric. Once in AutoCAD, you can further annotate your models and publish them as needed. Publisher provides a variety of options for customizing your DXF models. From analysis results annotations to section and equipment names, Synergi Electric can put in what you need and leave the rest out.
Construction plans that are engineered and vetted in Synergi can be exported to the most popular drawing applications to support the construction work process.  AutoCAD users can visualize the modelling studies without requiring a Synergi licence.

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