Offshore and marine structural engineering - Sesam for fixed structures

Your FEM software tool for innovation, flexibility and efficiency in marine and offshore structural engineering

Offshore structural engineering

Sesam is a world renowned offshore structural engineering software tool for design and analysis of fixed structures. It gives you the optimal basis for critical engineering decisions during the entire lifecycle of your asset, be it a topside, jacket, jack-up, or offshore wind turbine support structure.

FEM software (finite element method)

  • Concept modelling and automated processes in Sesam for fixed structures support your need for fast design iterations
  • Static and dynamic structural analysis incorporating environmental load calculation (wind, waves, current)
  • All analyses are based on the Finite Element Methodology (FEM software) where beams and plates are connected
  • One graphic user interface for FEM modelling, finite element analysis and results evaluation
  • One common model used for all phases from initial to final design, as well as for modifications, repair and life extension
  • Wide range of analyses within offshore and marine structural engineering:  load-out, transportation, launching, installation, in-place analysis, code checking, fatigue, earthquake, progressive collapse, accidents, explosions
  • Imports data from other FEM software or CAD systems

Concept modelling for design optimization in offshore structural engineering

Engineers are constantly looking for new solutions that offer faster design processes. The unique concept modelling in Sesam maintains connectivity between structural components and loads throughout design iterations, leading to efficient design optimization even with frequent or significant changes in the design process.

One common model from initial to final design and operation

With Sesam you use one common model from the initial design phase through all design revisions to the final design of the structure. Later modifications, repairs and life extensions are based on the same model. This concept model, created by the Sesam module GeniE, can also be based on imported data from other CAD/CAE systems.

Other Sesam modules are used for wave load generation (Wajac), non-linear soil-pile structure analysis (Splice), linear static or dynamic finite element analysis (Sestra), ULS yield and buckling checks of beams/joints (GeniE) and plates (GeniE and Platework), and fatigue analysis of beams (Framework) or plates/shells (Stofat). For life extension and assessment of extreme loads or damage, the GeniE concept model is easily exported to the module for progressive collapse analysis (Usfos).

One common software tool for oil and gas production structures and fixed offshore wind turbine support structures

Sesam's analysis technology, proven in the oil and offshore gas industry over the last 4-5 decades, is today being used in design and analysis of fixed offshore wind turbine (OWT) support structures.

To find out which Sesam modules and extensions meet your needs for design and analysis of fixed structures please contact us.

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