Analyse pipeline design and performance - Synergi Pipeline Simulator

Hydraulic modelling for pipeline design, online leak detection and pipeline optimization

Pipeline simulation

Synergi Pipeline Simulator software for pipeline design enables you to optimize operations and improve performance for pipelines or networks transporting almost any gas or liquid.

What you get

  • State-of-the-art hydraulic model and GUI
  • Optional OPC connection to real-time pipeline data (via SCADA or DCS) provides critical pipeline information
  • Models pipes, headers, block valves, check valves, regulators, compressors/pumps, heat exchangers and PID controllers
  • Graphical configuration to model unique pipeline layouts and simulate operations
  • Can be used off-line for design and analysis or on-line as a powerful decision support tool

Pipeline operator training

Training pipeline controllers so they are ready from day one to maximize operational revenue is a challenge that faces many operators, particularly on new pipelines. With the module SPS Trainer companies are able to ensure the readiness of pipeline controllers prior to build completion.

With Synergi Pipeline Simulator software you can

  • Perform detailed design of pipelines, equipment, and operating procedures
  • Ensure security of supply by predicting potential issues before they occur
  • Perform "what if" analysis on liquid and gas systems to plan maintenance and design extensions
  • Detect and locate leaks in real-time
  • Track scrapers on gas and liquid systems and see when they will arrive at receiving stations
  • Monitor gas quality and blending from multiple sources
  • Track multiple batches in liquid systems and see when interfaces will arrive at delivery points
  • Train pipeline operators using ‘flight simulator’ style training systems
  • Manage the whole operator qualification process to satisfy HSE requirements
  • Minimize system downtime with robust, reliable and accurate simulation 24/7

Synergi Pipeline Simulator

is a fully integrated, configurable suite comprised of a core simulation engine with specific modules including
  • Statefinder – DNV’s unique method of distributing and removing error
  • Leakfinder – leak detection & location
  • Predictor – ‘lookahead’ analysis and contingency planning
  • Trainer – flight simulator style trainer using operational interface to provide a realistic SCADA HMI

Software Consulting

The professional Software Consulting experts utilize industry best practices, combining engineering domain knowledge with product based software solutions, to help you maximize your return on investment and get the solution in place.

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