Automotive Cybersecurity

We provide automotive cybersecurity advisory, evaluation, and review services and online and offline training courses to respond to the requirements of the UNECE WP29 cybersecurity legislation and international standards for automotive cybersecurity engineering.


Protect vehicle systems and important information from continuously increasing security threats to software and cyber-physical systems, and improve automotive cybersecurity performance by developing systems, hardware, software, and customized solutions for processes and members of the organization.

In order to respond to the UNECE WP 29 cybersecurity law and ISO/SAE 21434, the new international standard for automotive cybersecurity engineering, a process that meets the cybersecurity requirements suitable for the entire vehicle lifecycle is established, and appropriate security measures are applied at each stage. 

If you do not establish a cybersecurity management system (CSMS) such as managing risks and establishing a system to detect and respond to vehicle security incidents and develop vehicles accordingly, you will not be able to sell vehicles in Europe after July 2022.

DNV has been providing advisory and consulting services that can respond to automotive safety and software process improvement standards for a long time, such as automotive functional safety, AUTOMOTIVE SPICE, and SOTIF. We support secure stability and security throughout the production and post-production stages. 

In addition, we provide and support cybersecurity engineering development solutions together with global automotive cybersecurity companies, and form an independent team to evaluate automotive cybersecurity capabilities through security tests (penetration tests, fuzzing, vulnerability check, etc.) We help manufacturers and partners develop cybersecurity capabilities and develop safe and secure vehicles.

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