UNECE WP29 R155 Cybersecurity Regulation

Emergence of new automotive cybersecurity regulations

UNECE WP29 Cybersecurity Regulation - Backgrounds

▶ European Economic Commission It includes 56 member states in Europe, North America and Asia, and sets out norms, standards and protocols to promote sustainable development, economic prosperity and international cooperation. 

▶ World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations A forum dedicated to technical regulation applicable to a wide range of automobiles, it deals with the safety and environmental performance of wheeled vehicles and their subsystems and components.

▶ Automated/Autonomous Connected Vehicle Working Group Establishment of regulations related to safety and security of vehicle automation and connectivity, ADAS, and Dynamic 

UNECE WP29 Cybersecurity Regulation - Overview 

▶ Consists of two separate authentications

  • Type Approval 
  • Application of security technology by vehicle type and certification of evaluation results (actual vehicle, function test) 
  • Certificate of Compliance for CSMS (Cyber ​​Security Management System Certificate) 
  • Cybersecurity process certification for cybersecurity organizations, R&R, and vehicle lifecycles

▶ Application Schedule 

  • December 2018: Draft legislation 
  • January 2020: Final draft legislation established 
  • June 2020: WP29 General Assembly (final draft adopted) 
  • January 2021: UNECE CS Law Enforcement 
  • July 2022: EU legislation applied (new car) 
  • July 2024: EU legislation applies (all cars) 

▶ UNECE WP29 participating countries

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