Cybersecurity and network resilience

Penetration testing, vulnerability assessment of control systems and network health verification

As threats to cybersecurity increase and appear from unexpected new angles, a novel methodology is required to secure safe operations at sea. The possible impact of failures and vulnerabilities calls for action.

The integrated approach for handling software and software updates is essential for safe operations. Inherent to most industrial control systems today is the design perspective that programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and the network infrastructure interconnecting  them, operate in a secure environment sealed from malicious attackers.

The first step towards securing control systems is to make sure they are designed and operated according to recognized national and international standards and recommendations, such as the ISO 27000 series, the NOG 104 guidelines, or the IEC 62443 family of standards, among others. 

DNV can help to secure and improve the integrity of industrial control systems by identifying possible vulnerabilities, testing their robustness, and verifying that the implementation of the design is safe, secure and carried out in accordance with the documentation.  

The overall scope of cybersecurity and network resilience testing from DNV covers: 

  • Stress and robustness testing
  • Penetration testing and testing of network segregation 
  • Screening running services, patches and firmware
  • Authentication weaknesses
  • Portable media security
  • Known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Traffic anomalies
  • Degradation of networked equipment

Protect your network with the help of DNV cybersecurity services:

  • Support the safety and security of your operations with combined HIL and cybersecurity testing 
  • Know where vulnerabilities are to safeguard your system against a malicious hacker, disgruntled employee or hardware/software failure
  • Benefit from our insights into critical parts of control system networks and IT architecture to secure the integrity of control systems and hereby the safety and security of your operation.
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Automotive Cybersecurity Solutions

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  Cybersecurity and network resilience

Cybersecurity and network resilience

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