Wind turbine type testing

Independent expert wind turbine type testing services verifies turbine performance bringing peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Project developers, energy regulators and financiers need confidence that they can rely on a wind turbine before they approve its use. So turbine manufacturers have to show their turbines work as required under all conditions. Independent type testing provides that reassurance and credibility – by proving your turbine meets all relevant international standards.

DNV provides efficient and effective wind turbine type testing. We guide you through the testing process, helping you understand your turbine’s performance. And through rigorous turbine measurements, we allow you to validate your performance models. That provides peace of mind for you and all stakeholders, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Testing measurements
We support you throughout the type testing lifecycle – from mast installation to final report. Testing is carried out at dedicated turbine testing facilities in Germany and the USA. And we also offer in-field testing.

Our type testing services cover:

  • Load measurements
  • Acoustic measurements
  • Power quality measurements
  • Power performance measurements
  • Under-voltage ride through (UVRT) measurements

Accredited turbine testing
Our wind turbine type testing is trusted around the world. Combining global experience with local expertise, we've successfully completed over 700 testing projects.

We are ISO 17025 compliant (in China, USA, Germany and Spain) and also IEC 61400 series accredited. And we’re an active member of MEASNET.

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