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Under Voltage Ride Through testing

UVRT testing is necessary for testing the grid fault capability of power generation plants.

As the number of renewable power plants connected to the electrical network grows, so too does the importance of evaluating the behaviour of these power generating units (PGUs). It is critically important to determine how these PGUs will behave during abnormal conditions such as short circuits in the network. This enables us to develop a comprehensive knowledge of PGU behaviour.

Understanding grid requirements
To successfully integrate a higher portion of renewable energy into grids, it is important that the PGUs operate is such a manner that they help stabilize the grid during any abnormal situation. When a grid fault is identified, the required performance of power plants depends on the local, national and international grid connection requirements. Grid operators need a reliable supply of reactive power to stabilize grid voltage and support the network for the duration of the fault. It is a common requirement to have a prompt resupply of active power after a failure clearance. A combination of measurement and testing equipment installed into the UVRT unit enables testing and evaluation of all data measurements needed to measure your PGUs behaviour and ensure it meets all necessary grid requirements.

How we can help you
We have significant experience in performing these tests all around the world. Our test units are available for voltages up to 40.5 kV and power up to 10 MVA. Our experience spans tests for different types of renewable generation including wind turbines, solar converters and biogas CHP units. We can deliver UVRT testing support throughout prototype development or for UVRT certification measurements. Once the measurements have been conducted we can also evaluate this data and create accredited reports tailored to your needs.

List of flexible accredited services of GL Garrad Hassan Deutschland GmbH, Testing Laboratory no. PL-11134-01. The testing laboratory PL-11134-01 with its two locations is accredited for the flexible scope category 3. Download the list here.

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