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Wind turbine design software - Bladed

Bladed is the leading wind turbine design software for the design and certification of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Wind turbine design software

Bladed wind turbine software is a simulation tool that is key for optimizing your turbine at every phase of its design. Bladed is used by wind turbine manufacturers (OEMs), engineering consultants and certification agencies to calculate loads and performance. The wind turbine design software is a computer-aided engineering tool that builds wind turbine models, runs calculations and processes the results. For over 20 years, Bladed has been the industry standard aero-elastic wind turbine design software, providing critical insight into wind turbine dynamics and optimization.

Understanding wind turbines to optimize design and reduce risk

As wind turbines continue to grow in size, power and complexity, understanding turbine behaviour is key to optimizing your wind turbine design and reducing risk. Bladed software provides a sophisticated numerical model of wind turbines and their operational environment. Trusted by the global wind industry, Bladed is relied upon throughout the wind turbine design process – from the initial concept and detailed design, through to on-site commissioning.

Why choose Bladed for wind turbine design?

  • Bladed wind turbine design software has a rigorous engineering model and has been thoroughly validated against turbine measurements
  • Customer partnerships have enabled Bladed to meet the highest demands for simulation accuracy, speed and wind turbine design process workflow
  • Links to other software products within DNV, such as Sesam for offshore wind, provide vast collaboration opportunities, making Bladed the ideal platform for onshore and offshore turbine design, including floating wind
  • Expert support and training are provided by a dedicated team of wind turbine engineering consultants and software engineers
  • Efficient computing using Bladed’s cloud service, providing unlimited computing resources and reducing the required investment to set up and maintain local IT systems
  • Bladed APIs allow you to incorporate Bladed functionality into your processes, enabling automation of calculation setup, saving time and reducing errors

Proven wind turbine design performer

Bladed is renowned as a rigorous engineering modelling solution developed by experts in their field. It is trusted and used extensively by wind turbine manufacturers across the globe.

Advanced software modules for detailed wind turbine analysis

DNV’s Bladed software provides advanced modules for detailed wind turbine analysis in specialist areas. The calculations for these advanced modules have been developed by our engineers with decades of wind turbine design expertise. These are summarized below:

  • Bladed hardware test module: Allows control system hardware to be connected directly to Bladed simulations run in real time
  • Offshore support structure module: For modelling offshore wind turbines on jacket support structures and floating wind turbines
  • Seismic module: Generates 6 DoF earthquakes to apply to the turbine during simulation
  • Advanced hydrodynamics module: Includes Boundary Element Method hydrodynamics to capture radiation and diffraction effects
  • Advanced pitch actuator interface: Allows external models of the pitch actuator to be coupled to Bladed at run-time via a DLL interface
  • Advanced transmission interface: Allows external models of the drive train to be coupled to Bladed at run-time via a DLL interface
  • Blade stability module: Lets you examine blade stability and quantify the risk of blade flutter
  • Control module: Allows production of linear models for the development of closed loop control algorithms and offers advanced features, such as LiDAR

To find out which Bladed software modules meet your needs for onshore and offshore wind turbine design and certification, please contact us.

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