Wind data and solar data - energy resource monitoring - Resource Panorama

Make the most of your wind data or solar resource data through online data management and energy resource monitoring

Wind data and solar data challenges

We carry out hundreds of Energy Production Assessments each year. We know what goes wrong during measurement campaigns and the impact of these wind data and solar data problems on the energy figures and uncertainties in the EPA. Resource Panorama can help reduce or eliminate the impact of the following:

  • Data files are corrupt
  • Logger programmed incorrectly
  • Logger not communicating
  • Logger program frequently changed
  • Malfunctioning sensors, not detected
  • Intermittent logger issue
  • Low battery/battery failure
  • Maintenance conducted but no record
  • Logger failure
  • Lightning strike
  • Vandalism
  • Configuration changes during campaign
  • Loose guy wires causing mast rotation
  • Mast postion changed during campaign

Energy resource management of wind and solar data

Resource panorama is a unique online wind data and solar data energy management service. Your data is analysed by highly-skilled experts with wide-ranging experience in the wind and solar energy industries. They know what to look for; they can identify issues, propose resolution and prioritize solutions beyond automated data checks.

Our expertise in energy resource management helps you optimize energy resource assessments for your entire portfolio of solar and (onshore or offshore) wind generation. You can review your assessments and check resource stats at any time via the web. And if we detect an anomaly, we will alert you immediately.

Resource panorama software helps you determine development priorities and prepare for energy assessments. You can:

  • Cut wind and solar energy assessment costs by using energy resource management
  • Avoid costly delays be detecting and resolving issues fast
  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Increase project value

Global expertise in wind and solar data

As an industry leader with a global presence, we are always up-to-date with the latest instruments and best practices from around the world. Our energy resource management expertise includes:

  • Quality checking over 8,000 tower years of data. We are familiar with virtually every sensor and data logged on the market
  • Our analysts quality-check over 11,000 sensors each week
  • Our experts use all that experience to help you make the most of your wind data and solar data – saving you time and money

Applications in the energy industry of this technology can be categorized into asset and grid planning, asset management, operational risk management and energy resource management.

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