Ship inspection and hull integrity management software - ShipManager Hull

Software for hull strategy, planning, hull surveys and inspections, assessment and documentation

Ship inspection management

ShipManager Hull is the most advanced hull integrity management software available - for maintenance strategy, planning, inspections, hull surveys, assessments and documentation.

Hull integrity from inspections to assessments

  • Supports the entire hull integrity process from ship inspections and surveys to reporting and condition assessments
  • Vessel-specific 3D models enable visualization and assessment of hull structural condition
  • Supports cost savings for hull surveys, maintenance and drydocking
  • Enables you to reduce probability of structural failures, limit risk of pollution and water ingress
  • Integration with your planned maintenance system
  • Intuitive software user interface

Hull surveys and integrity

Shipping companies are increasingly looking for ways to optimize their ship inspection and hull maintenance schemes – not only to save cost in the next drydocking, but also to reduce the probability of structural failures, risk of pollution and water ingress and resulting reputation damages.

With ShipManager Hull you can

  • Spot potential problems early on and minimize operational downtime
  • Define ship inspection strategy, plan and perform inspections efficiently with standardized forms
  • Mark observations and defects directly in the 3D model for easy future reference
  • Pin photos of findings from a ship inspection directly on the model
  • Comment and approve/reject ship inspection results from the office
  • Issue unscheduled inspections from vessel and office
  • Integrate thickness measurements in 3D model
  • Assess hull condition, such as coating, corrosion, cracks, etc
  • Perform a steel weight and surface area calculation in advance of drydock tender based on specific hull condition
  • Use mobile onboard device for direct input of inspection data in compartments
  • Fleet overview allows comparison of sister vessels

Modules include: Schedule, Status, Repair, Reports, Documents


Support services for ShipManager and Navigator

Product support for ShipManager and Navigator



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