Planned maintenance system for technical ship management - ShipManager Technical

Technical management software system for planned and unplanned maintenance

Planned maintenance system (PMS)

ShipManager Technical is the technical ship management system for both planned and unplanned maintenance, defect reporting and technical asset and data management. A Planned Maintenance System streamlines the planning, documentation and implementation of maintenance work and surveys onboard ship.

Technical ship management and more

  • Optimization of vessel maintenance management
  • Dedicated DNV implementation team with extensive ship management expertise
  • Central management of your fleetwide equipment and maintenance jobs
  • Provide all information for powerful, fleetwide management reporting via ShipManager Analyzer
  • Easy-to-use common user interface between ship and shore, improving communication

Technical management software from DNV

With competitive pressure growing and overcapacity occurring in parts of the market, ship managers need to maximize uptime and ensure that ships are well maintained, complying with all rules and regulations, while also minimizing inspection and maintenance costs. Utilizing ShipManager Technical allows you to streamline the planning, documentation and implementation of ship maintenance work and onboard surveys.

With ShipManager Technical software you can

  • Integrate with other ShipManager software modules
  • Prepare and document all planned and unplanned maintenance tasks
  • Define and schedule counter-/calendar-based and condition-based tasks
  • Categorize jobs and elements according to relevant criteria, such as critical, safety relevant, class relevant or origin
  • Keep an automatic update of stock counts in consideration of spare parts consumed for maintenance tasks
  • Keep lifecycle records of each equipment
  • Defect management
  • Have central task lists for onboard engineers and technical office staff
  • Exchange equipment for maintenance and overhaul without losing relevant information
  • Integrate dry dock and other projects with purchase

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