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Pipe Design - Synergi Water

Optimize design of new pipeline networks

Synergi Water Pipe Design

Pipe Design is a software tool for optimizing the design of new pipeline networks and rehabilitation programmes, enabling you to select the lowest cost design that meets your quality of service constraints.

What you get

  • Application of sophisticated optimization techniques
  • Selection of lowest cost design subject to quality of service constraints
  • Rapid consideration of numerous alternatives
  • Analysis can run in steady-state mode or in time-varying mode
  • Comparison of solutions through batch analyses
  • Improved effectiveness of design and rehabilitation planning

Software for pipe design

Pipe Design software will seek to find the lowest cost pipe design solution for a specified group of pipes that will satisfy the given constraints, for example minimum and maximum pressures and velocities that must be maintained in the resulting design. Each constraint can be weighted, so that some are given greater consideration than others. Users can instruct the analysis to minimize occurrence of certain effects, such as telescoping.
Similarly, users can prevent reduction of multiple pipe sizes in a single step, which may be impractical or unadvisable practice though mathematically providing a reduced cost.

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