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Linear and non-linear hydrodynamic analysis of vessels including forward speed - Wasim

Includes calculation of global motions and local pressure loading on the vessel


Wasim software is for hydrodynamic analysis of fixed and floating vessels with or without forward speed, including calculation of global motions and local pressure loading on the vessel.

What you get

  • Computes global responses and local loading on vessels moving at any forward speed as long as the vessel is not planing
  • Simulations are carried out in the time domain, but results may also be transformed to the frequency domain using Fourier transformations
  • Solves the fully 3-dimensional radiation/diffraction problem by a Rankine panel method
  • The panel model can be combined with a beam model where loads are computed by the Morison equation 
  • Panel models are required for both hull and free surface – these are created by HydroD’s own mesh generator with hull geometry supplied by the user
  • Improved understanding of structural behaviour in various sea states leads to more optimal designs and safer ship operation
  • Ships can be operated more safely by providing necessary information for selecting speed and heading in rough seas
  • Fuel consumption can be reduced by comparing design alternatives and thereby optimizing wave resistance and added resistance
  • Important non-linear effects can be included in the analysis. This can be of importance also for offshore structures
  • Hydrodynamic loads computed by Wasim are automatically included in the structural analysis. The loads can be transferred as complex loads or as time snapshots or as time histories
  • A prescribed motion time history and corresponding point force and wave time history can be imported and the corresponding loads computed
  • Wasim software requires and is executed from HydroD (stability analysis), where modelling of the environment is done

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  HydroD - 브로셔

HydroD - 브로셔

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  Sesam Feature Description

Sesam Feature Description

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