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Geometry or finite element modelling - Patran-Pre

Alternative modeller to GeniE

Geometry or finite element modelling

The Patran-Pre software module is an alternative modeller to GeniE for conceptual modelling of offshore and martime structures. The modelling is done based on geometry or finite element modelling directly. Patran-Pre also supports solid (volume) finite elements. Major design companies around the world use Patran-Pre in their product improvement processes.

What you get with Patran-Pre software

  • Advanced and easy-to-use features for geometry import, creation and modifications
  • Loads and other properties may be applied to both geometry and finite element model
  • Powerful command language for development of customized model generation
  • Robust, high-quality mesh generation of beams, plates and solids

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Sesam for floating structures - 모듈

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  Sesam Feature Description

Sesam Feature Description

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Sesam for floating structures

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