CFD simulation - Kameleon FireEx - KFX

Our leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulator is a tool for advanced solutions to industrial problems related to dispersion of hazardous matter, fire and explosion safety.

CFD simulation

Loss of containment in congested areas as a process plant, in populated areas, or in terrain, differs significantly from releases in free surroundings. To capture the important interaction between released fluids and geometrical obstacles as piping, vessels, equipment, structures, buildings, terrain etc., use of CFD is required.

Kameleon FireEx - KFX® represents the state-of-the-art for CFD simulation of dispersion, fires and explosions in congested areas. It offers simulation of conventional jet and pool fires, complex multiphase spray fires with rainout, well-ventilated and under-ventilated fires, LNG leaks with pool spreading, gas dispersion and fires, water-based fire mitigation by deluge, monitors, mist and water curtains in complex systems, optimization of passive fire protection, flare analysis, as well as turbulent flow, gas dispersion and smoke analysis in general, all in congested areas taking all weather effects into account.

In the petroleum industry, KFX is recognized as the leading industrial CFD simulation technology for flares, gas dispersion, fire development, fire mitigation and explosions for realistic conditions in complex structures. The tool has been used for CFD simulation in numerous industrial analyses worldwide, supporting robust and optimized technical design solutions for more than 25 years.

Turbulent flow and combustion

Our competence in CFD simulation has been built up during a period of four decades of focused research, continuous development of simulation techniques, and consultancy work within the field of turbulent flow and combustion. The KFX simulator was originally developed by ComputIT, NTNU and SINTEF with partners in the industry.

A key to the successful development is high-level scientific physical modelling combined with close collaboration with industry and understanding of industrial needs through consultancy work in parallel with the development.

In 2017 ComputIT was acquired by DNV, bringing together teams of experts within physical modelling, CFD simulation, utilization of digital capabilities and specialist industry competence.

KFX essentials

  • Three-dimensional transient finite-volume CFD code that solves the fundamental conservation equations for turbulent flow and combustion using a non-uniform Cartesian grid
  • Developed as a simulator dedicated to gas dispersion, gas explosions, flares and all kind of fires
  • Includes an efficient porosity technique for resolution of objects smaller than the grid size
  • Includes explosion capabilities through integration of the Exsim software
  • Includes detailed Lagrangian models for fire mitigation and extinction by water systems, such as water mist, water curtains, deluge, monitors and sprinklers
  • Is interfaced with the finite element structure response code KFX Usfos for non-linear dynamic structural response analysis
  • Includes powerful CAD and topography import where CAD geometries are converted automatically to solid constructions or surface/volume porosities used by the calculation model in the tool. Electronic maps of terrain, buildings, modules, process plants, etc. are readily handled

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  Kameleon FireEx - KFX - 리플렛

Kameleon FireEx - KFX - 리플렛

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  Demonstration of KameleonFireEx ® - KFX software tool

Demonstration of KameleonFireEx ® - KFX software tool

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  Kameleon FireEx - KFX Exsim

Kameleon FireEx - KFX Exsim

Advanced CFD gas explosion simulations

  Kameleon FireEx - KFX Usfos

Kameleon FireEx - KFX Usfos

Structural response analysis


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