De Cecco undergoes successful My Care assessment to protect employees and operators

Italian manufacturer, De Cecco, the third largest producer of pasta in the world, has become the first agri-food company to adhere to the My Care methodology.

De Cecco production never stopped, even during lockdown, ensuring supply chain continuity throughout the country. In order to ensure the safety of their employees and mitigate the risk of infection, De Cecco chose to have internal protocols, processes and applications subjected to an independent verification by DNV GL using the My Care assessment methodology.

The robust methodology is used to identify strengths and opportunities for improving the processes and activities implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The areas focused through this application was in De Cecco’s two pasta factories of Fara San Martino and Ortona, in the olive oil mill and in the Pescara offices.

Following the successful assessment, De Cecco has been issued a Readiness Statement by DNV GL which can be used to provide transparency and build stakeholder trust. The data coming from the verification activities is stored on the VeChain public blockchain and can be accessed via a QR code.

“In recent months our priority has been to create a safe environment for all our collaborators and operators. With a cohesive team, we have adapted our management systems and our operating methods in such a way as to always be in line with the various governmental provisions that have followed over time "comments Vincenzo Ponte, Quality Manager of De Cecco. "To be sure that we have reached adequate levels of safety and to be able to give our operators and collaborators evidence of our commitment and the suitability of the procedures put in place, we asked DNV GL to verify their correct application and effectiveness. Being the first Italian agri-food company to adhere to the My Care methodology is a great satisfaction. "

"Our verifications according to the My Care methodology revealed full compliance for the pasta factories, the oil mill and the Main Offices of the De Cecco Group. Our independent verification highlights De Cecco's desire for transparency and the rigorous use of our methodology. A true example of seriousness that demonstrates the commitment in the application of all the measures activated by the Group to protect its employees and operators "concludes Francesco Di Sarno, Digital Assurance & Supply Chain Sales Director of DNV GL - Business Assurance Italy.