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The Red Cross’ climate accounts

The ESG project 

The Red Cross have developed a climate charter for their organization. The charter addresses the role that the Red Cross has in response to climate disasters and a recognition that the organization itself should minimize its own negative impact on the climate. 

As a result of the climate charter, the Norwegian Red Cross embarked on a project to report and reduce its environmental footprint. The Norwegian Red Cross identified the most important emission sources factors, collecting information from across the organization to establish the 2019 baseline. Goals are now being set based on emissions from this baseline year. The Norwegian Red Cross has also sought to build awareness around the charter in their voluntary groups, to make sure they are ready for reporting requirements in the future.

Bringing ESG to life

DNV have supported the organization’s strategic group in planning of a series of important activities, including preparing workshops with their local offices and a webinar for voluntary groups. 

Activities have been explored on national and local levels, based on what the organization itself emits in national and international activities, and on what the voluntary part of their operations contribute. 

Focus areas are: 

  • Energy usage in buildings
  • Air travel
  • Car usage 

DNV has helped the organization put in place routines for how to report on a regular basis, to follow up on emissions reduction from their operations. DNV is also helping to design the reporting process to ensure the information from voluntary work is included in the Red Cross’ climate accounting.

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