We are expanding our pool of auditors, will you be DNV's next Social Auditor?

What are you going to do as a Social Auditor?

DNV Social Auditors perform ethical audits at our customers, both against recognized schemes as well as following corporate Codes of Conduct. We operate at global level in the field of social and ethical auditing, working with some of the most prestigious brands. By joining us, you become a valuable partner for DNV and support our clients to assess and improve their performance, while assuring their stakeholders through our professional and objective conclusions.

What do we offer?

  • A motivating, varied position in an international environment
  • Good contract conditions and extensive opportunities to work on your professional, personal development
  • Maintenance of your competences & qualifications
  • Calibration workshops and training
  • Building a diverse customer base
  • Flexible arrangements
  • Expanding your network
  • You become part of an international team of experienced and qualified professionals.

I have been working with DNV for the last 12 years as a social auditor and had a chance to visit companies from the most diverse industries and to interview thousands of workers. You get a real insight on how companies operate and their attention to the wellbeing of people. When you make a positive impact on their lives, it is one of the most gratifying things that can happen on the job.

  • One of our Social Auditors

About you

Are you an experienced Social / Ethical Auditor? Are you already registered with APSCA or do you want to start a new career as a Social Auditor? Apply directly via this form! It is not necessary to write a cover letter or send your CV at this stage; our nearest office will get in touch with you shortly to arrange an appointment.