Unidirectional Flushing - Synergi Water

A comprehensive solution for creating pipe flushing plans to improve water quality

Unidirectional Flushing

Unidirectional Flushing is now included in the core water quality analysis and hydraulic modelling software, Synergi Water. Engineers can use Unidirectional Flushing (UDF) to design efficient flushing sequences to meet a variety of operational goals such as achieving target flushing velocity or shear stress at pipe walls and maintaining enough pressure at critical locations in the system. UDF can also indicate areas of potential discoloration including areas outside of the area being flushed. Once the flushing sequences have been designed, the flushing plan can be exported to a field book that operators can use in the field.

Maintaining water quality is an important concern for water utility operators. A well designed unidirectional flushing plan is an important tool for improving water quality. Another important tool is an accurate water quality model of the system. The multi-substance water quality and turbidity modelling capability in Synergi Water provides sophisticated tools for building accurate water quality models. The turbidity modelling tool can be used for predicting turbidity response of the system due to planned or unplanned operational changes.

What you get with Unidirectional Flushing for water utilities

  • Flexible tool to design efficient flushing plans
  • Ability to determine potential areas of discolouration during flushing
  • Field book application for publishing flushing sequences for field personnel

Software that enables focus on water quality

Synergi Water has many features for modelling water quality, including water age analysis, multi-substance water quality analysis and turbidity modelling. The new unidirectional flushing capability in Synergi Water complements the water quality features to provide a comprehensive toolset to help water utilities improve water quality in their systems.

Key benefits of Unidirectional Flushing

  • Improve water quality by using well designed flushing plans that flush biofilms and deposits off pipe walls
  • Improve customer relations by providing warnings of potential discolouration
  • Work effectively in the field with published flushing sequence field book

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