Taking hazard analysis software one step further - Phast 3D Explosions

Bringing advanced modelling capabilities to Phast

3D Explosions extension

With the 3D Explosions extension we bring advanced modelling capabilities to Phast, the world-leading process hazard analysis tool. This includes 3D Explosion analysis, directional modelling and the ability to create composite hazard contours.

What you get

  • DNV’s vast expertise and knowledge on modelling of explosions integrated into a software tool
  • Leading explosion assessment capability that reflects the latest advancements in vapour cloud explosion science and modelling  (i.e. 3D Explosion modelling) 
  • Access to a host of advanced consequence modelling capability not available in the standard version of Phast. The extension supports compliance with guidelines on the design and location of occupied buildings subject to explosion hazards, including, for example, API RP 752 and API RP 753 and Facility siting considerations in general
  • More detailed consideration of explosions consequences in comparison to the standard version of Phast

Process industry hazard analysis

Experience has shown that the damage potential to persons, equipment and buildings associated with explosions can be significant. Consequently, it is important that this kind of hazard is evaluated as robustly and rigorously as possible. The 3D Explosions extension brings advanced explosions modelling capability to the Phast platform and enables more detailed and extensive analysis of this threat.

With Phast 3D Explosions you can

  • Explicitly consider the interaction of the flammable cloud and identified regions of congestion in 3D
    This can be done using either the Multi-Energy or Baker Strehlow Tang models
  • Elevated clouds and regions of confinement can be assessed as well as separation distances between congested regions
  • Generate blast parameters for overpressure and impulse (side-on, reflected or dynamic) and display as contours or in tabular reports
  • Determine design accidental loads on key equipment and structure.
  • Develop combined hazard contours for a range scenarios and hazard types (explosions, fires, toxics and flammable clouds)
  • Consider directional aspects that can influence the modelling outcome (e.g. wind or surface roughness)
  • Rapidly define exclusion zones and safe distances and use this to inform safe design or demonstrate regulatory compliance

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Phast 3D Explosions 리플렛

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