Solver - Synergi Water

A flexible solution unlocking the true power of hydraulic analysis by performing the functions you need to improve business performance

Hydraulic modelling for steady state analysis and EPS

With Synergi Water’s new Solver software module you get the power of Synergi Water in a modern open programming environment for building custom applications and publishing to dashboards and web mapping technologies.

Built using the .NET framework, the Solver is available with a comprehensive set of hydraulic modelling applications for steady state analysis and extended period simulation (EPS), including multi-substance water quality, discolouration and temperature modelling.

What you get with Solver

  • Flexible solution that provides water engineers and operators a platform to leverage hydraulic analysis with enterprise data sources such as SCADA, customer billing, sensors, laboratory data and GIS data
  • Ability to enhance business processes and improve efficiency by leveraging the core analysis engine directly
  • Can work independently of the planning model and can co-exist with other modelling software applications
  • Allows you to adapt and grow your software as your business needs evolve

Support for Smart City Water Networks

With new, integrated workflows and data sources demanded by the industry, organizations are requiring professionals to work more flexibly and collaborate more actively. Utilizing Solver is a perfect match to your application needs. It provides end-to-end business process matching flexibility to meet the varying simulation requirements and preferences of planning, design and operations professionals. Solvers facilitate timely creation and communication of essential delivery network performance knowledge to business and technical decision-makers at all business process points and in all functional areas across your enterprise.

Key benefits of Synergi Water - Solver module

  • Routine analysis and reporting commands can be automated
  • Unlocks the true power of hydraulic analysis by performing the functions you need to improve performance
  • Efficient processing of large hydraulic models
  • Batch analysis of complex studies and scenarios
  • Support for operational use cases
  • Sharing of Synergi's powerful simulation engine throughout your organization

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