Propeller design - Nauticus Machinery - Propeller Blade

Propeller design and tunnel thruster analysis with the Propeller Blade software module in Nauticus Machinery

Propeller design with Nauticus Machinery Propeller Blade

The Propeller Blade software module helps you improve propeller design by calculating lifecycle and safety against fatigue damage in propeller blades and tunnel thrusters.

Propeller Blade software

  • Software based on DNV’s long term experience with propeller design
  • Easy to use rule-check tool with efficient and user-friendly user interface
  • Consideration of ice class
  • Efficient determination of load-carrying capacity for propeller blade
  • Ability to import results from FEM-calculations
  • Printout of calculation results and export to Microsoft Word

Based on DNV Rules and classification notes

  • Pt.4 Ch.5 Sec.1B (normal class requirements and safety factors)
  • Pt.5 Ch.1 Sec.2C (ice class requirements and safety factors)
  • Classification Note 41.5 (detailed method on how to assess minimum safety factors) for conventional propellers and tunnel thruster
  • Classification Note 51.1 (requirements to ice strengthening of propeller)
  • Class Note 41.5 covers 90% of all possible propeller designs and is focusing on four critical sections in the propeller blade

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