Power system verification: IT verification

Verify the integrity of your IT system to maximise performance and reduce risk.

Sophistication and application of smart grid technologies in the electrical distribution industry is on the rise. Information technology (IT) applications and operation technology (OT) applications now work together to increase distribution system performance. However, it’s important to verify that your IT system remains fault-free and compliant with standard communication protocols, specifications, and best practices. Non-compliance and fault conditions can cause reduced performance, vulnerabilities and losses.

Delivering IT/OT excellence
As the leading independent testing and verification body in the power system industry, DNV offers end-to-end OT/IT system assessments. Our unrivaled expertise and years of industry involvement help you achieve excellence for your IT/OT system, improving performance and reducing risk factors.

An assessment will solve and prevent issues related to:

  • Existing shared communication infrastructures
  • Multi-vendor approaches
  • Systems updates & maintenance
  • Load shedding and power generation programs
  • Industry standards compliance

Additionally, the assessment will verify remote installations against:

  • Electric and IT requirements, including configuration settings and firmware management
  • Alarms handling, backup systems and telecommunication lines
  • Compatibility and interoperability:
    • measurement accuracy
    • analogue to digital translation
    • cyber security
    • vulnerability

Partnering with experience
A typical assessment starts with the preparation phase: we work with you to define the testing requirements and the test plan. Then during the verification phase our highly skilled engineers perform field testing at the relevant location(s). Following completion, you receive a verification report and a verification statement/attestation, detailing the results of the assessment.

DNV has over ten years of experience in IT integrity. During this time, we have built up substantial technical experience and theoretical knowledge in a unique combination of relevant areas: power systems, IT, cyber security, and standardised communication protocols and architectures.


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