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DNV은 재생 에너지 관련 전략과 정책 조언 서비스를 통해 고객이 더 나은 전략적 결정을 하고 더 효과적인 정책을 설계할 수 있도록 도와드립니다.

Renewables markets are associated with both rapid change and significant uncertainty. Companies need support to make better strategic choices. Governments need support to design more effective policies. But they often do not have direct access to the required insights into renewables technology or business trends in the sector.

Private sector
In the fast paced renewables industries, change is a fact of life, presenting both threats and opportunities for businesses. Both existing players and new entrants require authoritative market intelligence and insights in order to make sound strategic decisions.

Public sector
Developing policy and implementing regulations which achieve objectives around carbon dioxide mitigation, security of supply and affordability is a massive challenge. Real world insight into the practical implications of regulatory changes on all relevant parties is needed to ensure new policy and regulations are effective. In many cases, past experience must be reviewed and best practice defined from around the world.

Civil society
Groups and institutions with a political agenda often require independent and technically credible advice to support their argument. Clear, impartial and highly credible work is needed. Evidence and analysis on the challenges industry faces such as costs and achieving industrial policy objectives is needed by organizations such as NGOs and industry bodies – so that they can act as effective advocates.

Expertise with flexibility
Our highly experienced team provide strategic advice to companies, and policy advice to governments and related agencies. The team is distributed globally, keeping them closely connected with local conditions on the ground. They are also “plugged-in” to a wide range of technical and market experts across our company to ensure we have access to unique insights from real world experience. Our work is delivered flexibly, from a series of workshops, a detailed report, to an attractive public domain deliverable.

Bringing you technical depth
With technical depth and geographical reach, we deliver valuable strategic insights in a clear and no-nonsense fashion. We have completed well over 200 strategy and policy engagements for a variety of customers across private, public and civil sectors, and have directly advised a wide range of governments on renewables policy.

We work with all major international financial institutions, including the World Bank, International Financial Corporation and Inter-American Development Bank, across a wide range of emerging markets. Our team is set-up to extract, crystalize and clearly communicate findings derived from industry experience in order to solve your challenges.

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