IDIS conformance testing

DNV helps you prove the quality of your smart meter with IDIS conformance testing.

Prove the quality of your smart meter with IDIS conformance testing.
As energy grids get ever smarter, distribution service operators (DSOs) need a reliable flow of data in order to quickly balance out supply and demand. That in turn requires seamless interoperability between equipment from different suppliers. By verifying that your smart meter complies fully with the Interoperability Device Interface Specifications (IDIS), you give DSOs the necessary confidence to install your product into their smart grid.

Demonstrate quality and interoperability
DNV is your trusted partner in the IDIS certification process. We are the only party in the world that offers conformance testing for IDIS Package 1 and IDIS Package 2, as well as the IDIS Final Interoperability Test (FIT). Our highly skilled engineers perform the test(s) at our state-of-the-art Smart Meter Test Laboratory in Arnhem. Upon successful completion, you receive either a Conformance Test Report (CTR) or a FIT report. These reports are then submitted to the IDIS Association for approval, resulting in qualification for the next step of the certification, or the coveted IDIS test label.

Support to reach conformance
Since partnering with the IDIS Association, DNV has already performed conformance and final interoperability testing for over 20 different devices in this emerging field. This gives us an intimate understanding of the specifications, and the challenges in meeting the requirements. Hence, our experts can help you understand the specification, as well as help you prepare for the conformance tests and FIT.

How to get the IDIS test label

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