Environmental due diligence for energy asset investments

Understand the environmental risks for your potential acquisitions and their implications, so you can be confident in making sound financial decisions.

Investing in energy assets, energy projects, large industrial assets or oil & gas, can involve significant environmental risks with large financial implications. Damage to the environment, required mitigation measures, non-compliance with environmental regulations, and more can impact the true value of an energy asset. To support your decision-making and minimise the potential liabilities, you need a clear understanding of the environmental issues.

DNV’s Environmental Due Diligence services ensure you have the environmental information you need before you complete the transaction. So you can make a well-informed decision and mitigate the risks.

A better view of your investment
We can help you uncover the environmental liabilities of assets you want to acquire, and estimate the costs of actions you would subsequently have to take. Our comprehensive services provide:

  • An overview of hidden environmental liabilities
  • A basis for evaluating the cost impact of the environmental liabilities – key for determining the correct purchase price
  • An overview of expected future environmental investments
  • Information on the demands of the authorities, both today and in the future
  • An overview of contracts related to the environmental liabilities, and the possible responsibility lines for any clean up
  • A due diligence report with all of the above, a review of documentation and interviews, and site visits

The experience to uncover risks 
We have already carried out more than 30 environmental due diligence projects for the energy sector, uncovering many serious environmental liabilities and site-specific compliance risks. So you can be confident in the quality and depth of the information we provide you when making your investment decision.

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