Electric utility asset management software - Cascade Viewer

Cascade Viewer is a dynamic web-based solution that gives you secure access to technical asset and maintenance data in Cascade, the electric utility asset management software from DNV.

Electric utility asset management software viewer

Managing your electric utility assets to optimize useful life and improve system reliability requires a consistent methodology and technical approach to assessing key criteria linked to asset health and risk assessment. This depends on the collection and assessment of relevant and quality asset data, which is essential to any electric utility asset management system.

Stakeholders across your utility need quick access to the asset technical information and maintenance orders found in the electric utility asset performance management software. Departments such as engineering, planning, operations and asset management can request data that is situation and asset-specific, looking for details that are not provided through broadly distributed reports or software access. Providing these stakeholders with on-demand views into the asset lifecycle data in the context needed can improve decisions and strengthen utility asset performance management.

Cascade Viewer is a web-based software solution to quickly and easily find and view your asset lifecycle information, supporting improved operational efficiency in your utility asset management program. The value of your asset lifecycle data in Cascade is extended to all stakeholders with Cascade Viewer, with its intuitive navigation and search capabilities.

What you get with Cascade Viewer electric utility asset management software:

  • Secure and high performance system with dedicated read-only data store
  • Web-based self-service access for quick response and reduced ad-hoc information requests
  • Intuitive summary views and transparency into asset lifecycle information for decision support
  • Authorized user administration from Cascade
  • Integrated search by hierarchy, map and text search with intuitive filters
  • Find assets and maintenance by EAM / WM reference
  • View asset settings, test results, images, and more
  • View asset alerts and stakeholder comments
  • Location overview of assets, alerts, and pending maintenance
  • Access to asset health and risk trends, technical attributes, alerts and comments
  • Integrated views of asset maintenance, inspections, and diagnostics lifecycle and details

Intuitive search and access of electric utility asset management data

Cascade Viewer is specifically designed to be intuitive to find and access the most common information needed within the electric utility asset management data for simple requests. Finding specific technical asset information is supported by intuitive search methods including location and equipment hierarchies, free form text search and map-based views of search results. Information displays are conveniently organized into location, asset and maintenance overview displays, with key data, summarized information, and the ability to drill further into specific details if needed.

Cascade Viewer ensures secure and up-to-date information

With authorized access to Cascade Viewer, stakeholders can be confident in finding the most recent, up-to-date information on your assets, without impacting the system performance for those working in Cascade. The result is efficient and confident decision-making for situations where asset information is needed right away.

As a web-based solution, the electric utility asset management software is deployed with industry-standard secure web services as an on-premise solution. Users are centrally administered through Cascade Setup. This ensures that only authorized employees have access to Cascade Viewer. You control user access control and data accessibility. Sensitive asset information exclusive to Cascade system users is restricted from Cascade Viewer.

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  Video: Cascade Viewer introduction

Video: Cascade Viewer introduction

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