Design optimization and sensitivity analysis - Sensitivity Manager

Manage and investigate multiple scenarios with the Sensitivity Manager module in Maros and Taro to ensure optimum performance

Design optimization with Sensitivity Manager

Sensitivity Manager allows you to manage and investigate multiple scenarios to ensure optimum performance. Sensitivity Manager incorporates the Maros and Taro simulation engine, and is based on more than 30 years of experience assisting oil and gas companies to identify optimum design configuration, maintenance strategy and operational risk through sensitivity analysis.

Sensitivity Manager for the oil and gas industry

  • Sensitivity analysis for RAM models, design optimization and sensitivity analysis, offering significant benefits at all asset lifecycle stages
  • Allows you to thoroughly investigate different options and scenarios with a pre-defined set of sensitivity types
  • Identification of production-critical equipment, resources and design options to improve availability and maintenance optimization
  • Detailed analysis of options, including equipment, operational strategies, logistics and economics, enables design optimization
  • Quantification of technical and economic risk, assessment of need for modification
  • Easily benchmark performance from different cases using a probabilistic approach based on Monte Carlo method

Key benefits of Sensitivity Manager

  • Easily manage a number of sensitivities in a single project model
  • Compare results directly with graphical and tabular output
  • Quickly run comparisons for design optimization utilizing all of your multi-core computational power
  • Manage different test scenarios in a consistent manner
  • Visualize the base case by running Maros and Taro
  • Time-saving option to run multiple project files in parallel on computers with multi-core processors

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Sensitivity Manager 리플렛

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