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Identify, manage and control cyber security risk with Synergi Life

Cyber security risk dashboard

Identify, manage and control cyber security risk and record and mitigate security incidents with Synergi Life’s Cyber Security module and its state-of-the-art cyber security risk dashboard.

Synergi Life provides your organization with an easy-to-use, web-based tool that improves the efficiency of cyber security risk management. With our cyber security module, including a cyber security risk dashboard, you have a streamlined way of identifying, managing and controlling risk in real time.

Synergi Life allows proactive and reactive data to be recorded and managed in a single solution. It ensures that cyber security risk information is distributed globally and is accessible to the right people, business units and process owners in real time. With Synergi Life’s Cyber Security module, your organization can make informed decisions based on accurate data.

With Synergi Life’s cyber security risk dashboard you can design your start-up screen based on your own preferences and cyber security information needs. Get a bird’s-eye view or drill down to more subject-dependent and specific cyber security risk dashboards.

Cyber security compliance efficiency

As the complexity and quantity of cyber security risk information grows, organizations are looking for efficient ways of structuring the risk picture and securing cyber security compliance. The Cyber Security module can be used for compliance management to ISO 27000 and ISO 31000. It links risks, actions and incidents, and generates automated e-mail notifications. Tracking of audit history is simple, with one common database shared by all stakeholders. The Cyber Security software features capabilities for simultaneous data entry, customizable statistical outputs and reports and secure role-based access rights.

Customers build on their own best practices and processes that work well for cyber security risk management. The Cyber Security module is based on the principle that software is a tool to support people. In the end, it’s the people in your organizations that will make systems work.

Cyber security overview

There is a growing demand for scalable and flexible ways of structuring, understanding and reporting the cyber security risk picture. We are continuously developing Synergi Life’s Cyber Security module in close collaboration with our customers. Synergi Life’s Cyber Security module has the ability to aggregate, analyse and visualize the value of investments in cyber security risk management.

The Cyber Security module and its cyber security risk dashboard supports visualization and analysis:

  • The structured cyber security risk breakdown shows organization, assets, project phases, deliverables, technical areas, geographical locations, etc.
  • Statistics on cyber security risk, barriers, controls and actions
  • Aggregation and visualization of the risk picture using graphs in the cyber security risk dashboard
  • Distinguish how you follow up risks based on the risk type
  • Structure and visualise chain of events by linking chain of causes, critical cyber security events and chain of consequences
  • For causes and consequences, the cyber security risk dashboard can show a barrier’s effectiveness and visualize integrity status

Bow-tie approach in cyber security

Synergi Life also uses the bow-tie approach in the Cyber Security module. This method is a mode of risk evaluation used to analyse risk scenarios and demonstrate causal relationships. A 'bowtie' is a diagram that visualizes risk, shaped like a bow-tie, with proactive and reactive risk management points on the left and right side of a ‘top event’. Using bow-tie methodology, control measures are identified, as are the ways that these control measures are likely to fail. Looking at security measures on both sides of the top event is a useful way of using the bow-tie function in the Synergi Life Cyber Security module. With this, one can determine appropriate actions to protect (on the left side) and detect, respond and recover (the right). Actions on the preventive side would include creating barriers, penetration testing, audits to check efficacy of barriers and update the integrity and effect of the barrier.

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