Cascade module - Cascade Inspector

Next generation mobility for substation asset management

Substation inspection solution

The Cascade Inspector software module is a substation inspection solution, leveraging the proven power of our technical utility asset management solution, Cascade, and designed to run on Windows touchscreen tablet devices.

What you get

  • Tablet-based inspection software - pre-integrated with Cascade, giving faster and more accurate substation inspections
  • Easy-to-use mobile inspection solution, providing Cascade functionality on handheld, Windows tablet computers
  • Provides new inspection forms, quickly alter layouts, field types calculations, and domain values
  • Context-sensitive input on each screen, providing step-by-step, fail-safe sequences to guide the user through complex procedures

Key benefits of the Cascade Inspector software

  • It allows you to read or fill out inspection forms, whether you are online or offline
  • Enables faster inspection time with an intuitive touchscreen/swipe user interface
  • Improves data quality by helping eliminate errors, with users selecting from clearly defined menus
  • Touchscreen interface reduces training time for utility personnel and improves acceptance among field staff

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  Cascade 브로셔

Cascade 브로셔

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  Cascade Inspector 리플렛

Cascade Inspector 리플렛

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