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Translating from Computer Aided Design to Sesam CAE format with MSC Apex

MSC Apex

Ships and offshore floating structures are designed using many CAD tools, producing geometries that are usually unsuitable for immediate FE analysis. The manual conversion from CAD to mesh has been a tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming task. Using MSC Apex, complete structures can be idealized prior to the import into Sesam. Typically, from 2D or 3D CAD tools such as CATIA, AutoCAD, NX, Intergraph Smart 3D and open file standards like STEP and IGES.

What you get with MSC Apex software

  • Import ship model from any CAD system
  • Powerful midsurfacing, de-featuring and idealization
  • Modelling and meshing tools ideal for ship structures
  • Generative framework for automated updates
  • Scripting for automation and customization
  • Seamless workflow integration with Sesam
  • Simple, easy to learn user interface

추가 정보

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Sesam modules for floating structures - 모듈

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Sesam Feature Description

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