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Beam structural analysis - Nauticus Hull - 3D Beam

Software for efficient modelling and structural analysis of 3D beam structures

Beam structural analysis

The 3D Beam software tool is used for efficient modelling and analysis of 3D beam structures. It can be used as a stand-alone program or as an integrated part of Nauticus Hull, and is an ideal tool for first assessment of structural design.

Nauticus Hull - 3D Beam software

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to reduce modelling time, even for complex models
  • Flexible visualization of parts or the full model in any number of independent views
  • Easy generation, combination and visualization of loads, due to hydrostatic pressure, inertia, wind, snow, temperature etc
  • Large library of cross section profile types, including standard Nauticus profiles
  • Display of force and moment diagrams directly on the model together with colour plots of stress distributions and deformations

Key benefits for beam structural analysis

  • Named collections of beams and nodes for convenient switching between selections
  • Display of the model in wire mode with rigid ends and hinges, and optional display of boundary conditions, cross sections, and local axes, or a solid view of the model
  • Use of discontinuous beam properties, e.g. for modelling of wires
  • Input and results in sortable tables for easy result evaluation and generation of reports with flexible reporting tool
  • Geometries may be generated in MS Excel and pasted into the 3D Beam software
  • User-specified cross sections can be exported for re-use in other models

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