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Barrier Management - Synergi Life

Bow tie analysis and organizational barriers - creating line of site with the Barrier Management software module

Bow tie analysis

The Barrier Management software module in Synergi Life helps companies identify human, technical and organizational barriers and to manage those barriers with bow tie analysis to secure stable, safe and predictable operations.

Organizational barrier management

  • Integrated system of live bowtie and barrier dashboards
  • Drill-down from bowties and dashboards to updated barrier integrity and underlying data status
  • Bow tie analysis and framework to monitor and manage the integrity of barriers
  • Ratings of the integrity level of barriers (fully functional, degraded, unacceptable)
  • Implementation of actionable elements to maintain intended integrity level

Bow tie model in Barrier Management

In order to secure stable, safe and predictable operations you need to ensure that the proper systems, procedures and operational elements are in place and working. The integrity of barriers and their ability to support the intended safety level is critical to prevent loss in operations. By implementing barrier management software such as Synergi Life your organization will have a solid framework to manage this dynamic picture and to respond to changes and prevent the escalation of threats.

With the Barrier Management software module you can

  • Identify human, technical and organizational barriers
  • Manage threats, major accident scenarios, effects and their barriers in one holistic view
  • Perform bow tie analysis
  • Have a line of sight from a corporate perspective down to various operational contexts, and individual barrier performance, action plans and improvement
  • Identify missing or degraded barriers and manage implementation of corrections
  • Proactively implement better controls and mitigations
  • Plug in other operational elements such as incidents, audits, inspections, quality events, change programs and maintenance information to create relations between the barriers and any operational disturbances

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