SUNRUI rotor blade lightning protection system

Conformity Statement for SUNRUI's Sunrui83.6m rotor blade lightning protection system

The customer
SUNRUI is a professional high-tech engineering company engaged in the research and development, design, manufacturing, engineering and project contracting of corrosion control and water treatment technologies. SUNRUI is also one of the Chinese blade manufacturers striving to design longer and higher-quality blades. In 2017, SUNRUI produced the longest turbine blade of 83.6 metre. SUNRUI's head office is in Qingdao, China.

The object
DNV handed over a Conformity Statement to SUNRUI for their Sunrui83.6m rotor blade lightning protection system. With the Conformity Statement, DNV confirms that the lightning protection system is designed and tested in accordance with the international standard IEC 61400-24 for safety, function and quality.

What are the advantages?
What advantages does the certificate offer you compared to your competitors?
"With the certificate, we demonstrate that our design is verified by a well-recognized independent party like DNV. This is highly appreciated by our customers and helps us to establish a good reputation, brand image and increase the competitiveness of our product."

Why did you chose for DNV?
What are the three main reasons you decided to work with DNV?

  1. "DNV is a global leader in the certification space. It is professional, authoritative and upholds a high level of responsibility of itself to its customers"
  2. "DNV’s experts conduct professional, holistic and thorough inspections" 
  3. "The certificates awarded by DNV are widely recognized in the market"
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Certification is the verification of theoretical design, and is the process of optimizing and improving product performance; at the same time, certification is also required in certain standards and based on customer requirements.

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