Environmental risk analysis at leading refinery in the Netherlands

Reconsideration of the risks posed to the environment

Due to stricter environmental regulations on risks to water as well as increased awareness to environmental sustainability, companies have to (re)consider the risks that their installations and operations pose to the environment.

DNV was asked to assess the validity of their environmental risk analysis as they were applying for a new water permit. The customer is one of the largest refineries in the BeNeLux area, using and producing nearly 100 products which are stored in over 300 tanks.

DNV found that the existing environmental risk analysis was not up-to-date. The quantity of substances and storage tanks needed to be almost doubled and the modelling needed to be substantiated to a greater extent. We composed a new environmental risk analysis to ensure that the analysis and the water permit was future-proof. The deadline for submission of the environmental risk analysis was very tight: less than six weeks, because it was not expected that the environmental risk analysis had to be rewritten.  DNV conducted three site visits to set up a strict schedule, approve the schedule and scope of work with the competent authority and collect data. DNV’s experience in dealing with permitting deadlines and competent authorities made sure that the risk analysis could be performed as efficient as possible and that it was submitted to the authorities a week before the deadline.

The customer benefitted from DNV’s experience in composing environmental risk analyses and conversing with competent authorities, as this made the process highly efficient. The environmental risk analysis was the last aspect of the customer’s water permit application, which they could submit on time and without any concerns due to DNV’s quick action and experience.

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