Conformity Statement

Design evaluation for a 2.5 MW wind turbine designed by Goldwind

The project
DNV has completed the Design Evaluation and handed over a Conformity Statement for a 2.5-MW wind turbine designed by Goldwind, one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers in China. It confirms that the turbine meets the requirements according to the standard IEC 61400-22 and IEC 61400-1 of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The short certification process ensures that Goldwind’s turbine can be introduced faster to the wind energy market as certification to harmonised requirements is an active support of export.“ Certification of wind turbines is state-of-the art and a must in most places around the world as it creates confidence in the industry among manufacturers, developers, owners, finance and insurance companies, and regulatory authorities. DNV’s certification service assists Chinese customers in getting faster access to these markets and winning trust from their customers. The project has been successful due to support and services without barriers of communication, culture and time zone.

WU Kai, Vice President: “We are very impressed by DNV’s technical strength and unique service capabilities. Its engineers have additionally offered us strong technical support that is easily accessible and tailored to our needs so that we could carry out the project in a time and cost efficient way.” 

Giovanni Nappi, Renewables Certification China: “I congratulate Goldwind on successfully gaining the design verification over a period of only ten months. This is a testament that the design of Goldwind complies with high safety and quality standards."

Support of Chinese Manufacturers
Since 2012, DNV has a local team of Chinese speaking energy experts: engineers, project managers and business leaders based in Beijing and Shanghai bringing its global expertise closer to the Chinese manufacturers in the wind energy industry. Despite the slowdown of growth in the global wind energy market, several Chinese wind turbine manufacturers continue innovating products and expanding business in overseas markets, backed by strong sales in the domestic Chinese market. In China, DNV has offered certification services to more than 100 Chinese wind turbine and components manufacturers, paving the way for their business expansion into the overseas markets. For more than thirty years the certification of wind turbines has been growing in importance as an indication of functional and structural reliability of wind turbines.

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