Are companies resilient enough to climate change?

Climate change is affecting our planet right now, disrupting national economies and people’s lives. The costs are borne by people, communities, companies and countries on every continent

Wet leave on the ground

Some key findings

  • Around one in four companies says the value chain has been impacted by climate change. Half of the companies foresee impacts within the next five years.
  • Laws and regulations are the main drivers behind climate change adaptation actions, followed by needs/requests from customers.
  • 40% of respondents are currently implementing or in the process of planning climate change adaptation or resilience actions. Another 25% say they plan to assess relevant actions within the next three years.
  • Half of the companies expect a return on climate-related investments in five years' time.
  • One in two companies has already conducted, or will execute, a climate change risk/vulnerability assessment in the next three years.

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Are companies resilient enough to climate change?


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