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Marion Hill

Marion Hill

Business Line Director, Renewables Advisory, North America

Advanced modelling tool and expert support help you answer difficult design and cost questions regarding your wind turbine, component or farm.

With the wind energy market maturing, delivering the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCoE) is rapidly becoming a focal point for everyone involved. The challenges to achieving that goal depend on your position in the industry. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) are often limited by clients’ constraints or market demand. Meanwhile, developers and governments are faced with difficult decisions regarding optimal technologies and cost savings.

Streamline your decision making
Whatever your role and your challenges, our Turbine.Architect modelling tool and associated expert support services help you answer those questions.

  • Turbine designers
    Powerful engineering models help you easily determine the concept with the lowest LCoE.
  • Component designers
    See how your components interact with other key components, the turbine and the wind farm, and calculate cost-saving potential and identify the best markets for your products.
  • Wind farm owners, developers and governments
    Assess the ideal location for maximum value and which turbines and components suit that location best, and help to identify the LCoE-saving potential of future technology trends and innovation.

On all cases, we work closely with you to deliver a successful result. Together we define the inputs and parameters specific to your project. Then, after careful analysis, we provide you with a tailored report and relevant data sets to help you make the right decisions.

Years of experience and vast quantities of data
DNV is perfectly positioned to help you understand the relationship between cost and engineering. During our 15+ years of experience, we’ve built up a large database of load results through our Bladed tool. We have also helped design more than 10 different multi-megawatt wind turbine concepts, as well as offshore substructures. As a result, we have expert knowledge of both the turbine and the balance of plant, and their interaction. All of this knowledge is also embedded in the Turbine.Architect tool.

Contact us:

Marion Hill

Marion Hill

Business Line Director, Renewables Advisory, North America

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Learn how Turbine.Architect helps you answer difficult design and cost questions regarding your wind turbine, component or farm.

Turbine engineering support

DNV’s Turbine engineering team provides world-leading independent expertise in wind turbine technology, design and analysis. We support the industry in the design and operation of more reliable and cost-effective wind turbines. Watch our new video to find out more.

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Onshore wind control solutions

Our onshore wind turbine simulation and analysis expertise enables us to provide you with Control solutions that are both underpinned with a unique understanding of up-to-date technology, and integrated into the overall turbine design process.

Onshore wind turbine numerical modelling

DNV provides a robust and reliable suite of onshore turbine services based on in-depth knowledge of all relevant design standards and certification rules.

Strategy & policy advice on renewables

Strategy & policy advice on renewables from DNV helps you make better strategic choices and design more effective policies.

Onshore wind resource measurements

Determine your onshore wind farm site’s energy production potential and give investors the assurance of a highly credible resource measurement campaign.

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